ADHD… Not A Problem

As a young ADHD boy, Clint struggled with keeping still and this especially affected his presence in a classroom. It wasn’t until Mr. Jensen came along that Clint began feeling his need for movement was intended for something so much greater.

“Hey Clint, you’re not a problem. I think you’re a drummer,” ~ Mr. Jensen

Today he has played drums all over the world, and his education was paid with his drumsticks in his hands.

Clint Pulver is one of the most unique and desired speakers of our time. He is an award-winning presenter who is incredibly entertaining, hilarious and produces results in the lives of others. He has traveled the globe speaking to youth and adult audiences everywhere. He has spoken in Dubai, Thailand and across the United States. He has been on America’s Got Talent and starred in motion picture movies with actors like Jack Black and Jon Heder (from Napoleon Dynamite). He flies helicopters, enjoys bull riding and LOVES long walks to the fridge.

AcuADHD is a no-nonsense, non-verbal, drug/pharmaceutical free, and barrier-free approach to behavioural health using auricular acupuncture.


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