AcuDetox for ADHD

Cindy’s son Dustin was diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin at the age of 4. By age 14 he was prescribed Catapres, Dexadrine and Lithium for ADD and Depression. Cindy, a nurse, training in the NADA protocol administered needles to her son as practice of the technique.

An unusual thing happened. Dustin fell asleep. with repeated treatments, he not only continued to fall asleep, but he began to relax in general. Dustin began to request treatments.

Cindy reported:- “DB was placed on Ritalin 30 mg/day at age 4.  He was an angry child, destroying anything in his way, with an attention span of less that 5 seconds.  On daytime medication, DB sat unproductively most of the day.  In the evenings he was restless, tearful and hyperactive.

By age 14, DB was taking Dexedrine, Lithium and Catapres as well as Ritalin.  His blood pressure was 150/90.  He remained either somnolent or hyperactive, unable to have a productive life on any dose of medication.  His parents had tried numerous additional remedies to no avail.

At age 14 (in 1996) DB responded immediately to his first ear acupuncture treatment.  Sympathetic, shenmen and lung were used.  His sleep and activity patterns normalized within a week.  His blood pressure and symptoms of depression subsided within weeks.  Soon DB was using acupressure seeds and beads on a regular basis.

His school performance improved steadily even as the Dexedrine was being discontinued.

Presently (in 1998) DB is taking driver education, rides horses, has a part-time job, mentors kindergarten children, and is able to study for hours at a time.  He is a charming, relaxed young adult who is quite aware of his educational deficits and is seeking to improve himself on a daily basis.

DB is able to tell his mother when he needs to have follow-up acupressure bead treatment.  This now occurs only on a monthly basis.”

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