Acu-ADHD and Magnotheraphy

Magnetotherapy and AcuDetox are very good in balancing the behavior, mind, brain, and body of a person when the cause of the ADD/ADHD is body imbalance. Usually the origin of an unbalanced body organ can be traced back as far as birth. Some kids are born with dangerous afflictions or various complications in which case, modern methods (such as drugs) are required to stabilize, treat, or even save the life of the child.

Magnets How they workToxicity is the main culprit for most cases of ADD /ADHD. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, and especially the drugs you take can be the source of toxicity that poisons your body. When these elements are a fundamental cause of ADD/ADHD, then Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are the best therapies that should be considered.

The magnets help balance the polarity of the brain’s right and left hemispheres helping maintaining the stability of the electrical function and chemistry of the brain. Unfortunately, a majority of the children with this problem suffer from learning disorders and are treated with Ritalin (which can be exacerbating the problem) and at times have to undergo psychiatric counseling.

Magnotherapy involves the application of small magnets to specific acupuncture points of each ear. The best complementary treatment for this procedure is the AcuDetox (Acupuncture Detoxification) technique in which five needles are stuck into predetermined acupuncture points of both ears.

Normally a treatment will last about 45 minutes. After which a small gold magnet is attached on the back of each ear. A course of treatments require a total of 22 sessions – one each week for up to five months – with the magnets being replaced each week.
Diet, parenting techniques and boundary issues should also be included in the treatment plan for ADD/ADHD.